Vedica Scholars-Day101

Know your job well, treat people with respect and dignity, have mental integrity, overcome fear of rejection, learn to take risks and stay humble – some takeaway from the enriching session with Ms. Manjari Jaruhar.



Vedica Scholars-Day100

Asheesh Gupta introduces a new course on ‘Quantitative analyses for business decisions’ at Vedica, aiming to improve their quality of decision making as prospective managers.


Vedica Scholars-Day96

‘Travel the world and create your own impressions in life.’

Rupam Nair, Correspondent, Politics, Government and Money at Thomson Reuters, shared her life stories as a journalist and urged the students to understand the importance of where to read the news, how to compare news stories across platforms and be aware of the stories they read. She also talked about her stint in Afghanistan and her take on the growing intolerance in India.


Vedica Scholars-Day95

When we all were emotional…

A moving session with Robi Damelin, a dedicated propagator of peace who lost her son to the conflict with Palestine, as she talks about how reconciliation between nations is necessary for the achievement of sustained peace. She works with Parents Circle – Families Forum, an association that brings together over 600 Israeli and Palestinian families who have lost a loved one in the continued conflict. Mrs Damelin is also part of the Forgiveness Project which is an award-winning, secular organisation that shares real stories of forgiveness to enable people to reconcile with the pain and move forward with their lives.